saya baca buku Snow Queen

hai saya alyaa lepas saya balik sekolah saya baca buku Snow Queen dan harini saya akan cerita pasal  Snow Queen.        
Once, there was an elf who had a magic mirror.He used it to show the  Snow Queen  all the children the town.The  Snow Queen would take any lazy or naughty  children  to her ice palace.One day, the mirror showed a boy named kay and his friend,Gerda. kay was lazy but Gerda was hardworking.One winter night, the  Snow Queen flew to kay bedroom window.She put kay on her sleigh and brought him back to the ice palace.The next day, Gerda looked for kay.But she could not find him anywhere.Gerda very worried.Have you seen my friend kay?'' she asked the town people.''Go away said a fierce lady.''Don't waste our time. '' The people laughed at Gerda.poor Gerda. She did not know what to do.Then she met a girl who knew where kay was.''here take my stag.It'11take you to your friend ''said the girl.''Oh thank you.'' said Gerda.Soon Gerda reahed the ice palace before the  Snow Queen turned hin into ice.Gerda then ran into palace.She looked for kay everywhere.At last she found him.Kay was veryhappy to see Gerda.He was frightened when Gerda told him what the Snow Queen planned to do to him.They then ran out of the palace as fast as they could.Kay thanked Gerda for saving him and promised never to be lazy again THE AND :) 

 - ALYAA AQIILAH ABU AHMAD BIN SADIMO   -                                                                              


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